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Band / Volume 77 (2017)

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Heft 1

pdf file Self-Defence Against Non-State Actors: Impulses from the Max Planck Trialogues on the Law of Peace and War 1

pdf file B. Kempen/B. Schiffbauer: Die vorläufige Anwendung völkerrechtlicher Verträge im internationalen Mehrebenensystem 95
pdf file F. Capone: From the Justice and Peace Law to the Revised Peace Agreement Between the Colombian Government and the FARC: Will Victims’ Rights Be Satisfied at Last? 125
pdf file B. Gogarty/P. Lawrence: The ICJ Whaling Case: Missed Opportunity to Advance the Rule of Law in Resolving Science-Related Disputes in Global Commons? 161
pdf file S. Dellavalle: Law as a Linguistic Instrument Without Truth Content? On the Epistemology of Koskenniemi’s Understanding of Law 199
pdf file A. Vincze: Europäisierung des nationalen Verwaltungsrechts – eine rechtsvergleichende Annäherung 235

pdf file Buchbesprechungen
Lawrence, Peter: Justice for Future Generations. Climate Change and International Law  (Michael Bothe) 269
Macklem, Patrick: The Sovereignty of Human Rights  (Anna John) 273
Tushnet, Mark/Graber, Mark A./Levinson, Sanford (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of the U.S. Constitution  (Rainer Grote) 276

Heft 2

Karl Doehring Lecture
Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, 03 November 2016

pdf file T. Buergenthal: Human Rights: From San Francisco to The Hague


“Effectiveness and Legitimacy of International Law” Symposium in Honour of Christian Tomuschat

Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg/Deutsche Universität für Verwaltungswissen­schaften, Speyer, 22-23 July 2016

pdf file Übersicht 305
pdf file A. von Bogdandy/A. Peters/K.-P. Sommermann: Symposium in Honour of Christian Tomuschat 307
pdf file C. Tomuschat: Effectiveness and Legitimacy in International Law Heidelberg – Concluding Observations 309
pdf file K.-P. Sommermann: Transformative Effects of the Aarhus Convention in Europe 321
pdf file M. Fitzmaurice: Legitimacy of International Environmental Law. The Sovereign States Overwhelmed by Obligations: Responsibility to React to Problems Beyond National Jurisdiction? 339
pdf file C. Stahn: Daedalus or Icarus?Footprints of International Criminal Justice Over a Quarter of a Century 371

pdf file A. Buser: Colonial Injustices and the Law of State Responsibility: The CARICOM Claim to Compensate Slavery and (Native) Genocide 409
pdf file A. Bufalini: On the Power of a State to Waive Reparation Claims Arising from War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity 447

pdf file M. Hartwig: Völkerrechtliche Praxis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Jahr 2012 471

pdf file Buchbesprechungen
Baade, Björnstjern/Ehricht, Sebastian/Fink, Matthäus/Frau, Robert/ Möldner, Mirka/Risini, Isabella/Stirner, Torsten (Hrsg.): Verhältnismäßigkeit im Völkerrecht  (Johannes Hartlieb) 539
Beham, Markus/Fink, Melanie/Janik, Ralph:Völkerrecht verstehen  (Joachim Gruber) 546
Mälksoo, Lauri: Russian Approaches to International Law  (Matthias Hartwig) 548
Thirlway, Hugh: The Sources of International Law  (Claudia Kurkin) 555

Heft 3

pdf file Jochen Abr. Frowein: Zum Tode von Botschafter Prof. Dr. Tono Eitel 1933-2017 559
pdf file G. Rugge/V. Volpe: The Italian Court Through the Looking-Glass – A Dialogue Between Constitutional Justices 561

A Falling Tree Makes More Noise Than a Growing Forest
On the Constitutional Courts’ Underestimated Contribution to the Domestic Enforcement of the European Convention on Human Rights

pdf file Übersicht 579
pdf file D. Paris: Introduction 581
pdf file D. Kosař/J. Petrov: The Architecture of the Strasbourg System of Human Rights: The Crucial Role of the Domestic Level and the Constitutional Courts in Particular 585
pdf file D. Paris: Allies and Counterbalances – Constitutional Courts and the European Court of Human Rights: A Comparative Perspective 623
pdf file A. Padskocimaite: Constitutional Courts and (Non)execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights: A Comparison of Cases from Russia and Lithuania 651
pdf file D. Tega: The Italian Way: A Blend of Cooperation and Hubris 685
pdf file L. Vhynánek: A Holistic View of the Czech Constitutional Court Approach to the ECtHR’s Case Law – On the Importance of Individual Justices 715

pdf file T. Ackermann/K. Fenrich: Motion and Rest –International Law’s Responsiveness Towards Terrorism, Mass Surveillance, and Self-Defence
pdf file M. Longobardo: (New) Cyber Exploitation and (Old) International Humanitarian Law 809

pdf file Buchbesprechungen
Dupuy, Pierre-Marie/Viñuales, Jorge E.: International Environmental Law  (Ludwig Gramlich) 835
Goldmann, Matthias: Internationale öffentliche Gewalt  (Matthias Ruffert) 839
Gunneflo, Markus: Targeted Killing  (Sven Peterke) 843
Klučka, Ján/Elbert, Ľudmila: Regionalism and Its Contribution to General International Law  (Ludwig Gramlich) 848

Heft 4

pdf file R. Mehring: Carl Schmitts Schrift “Die Lage der europäischen Rechtswissenschaft” 853
pdf file A. von Bogdandy: Das Öffentliche im Völkerrecht im Lichte von Schmitts “Begriff des Politischen”. Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Theoriebildung im Öffentlichen Recht 877
pdf file M. Andenas/J. R. Leiss: The Systemic Relevance of “Judicial Decisions” in Article 38 of the ICJ Statute 907
pdf file R. Gong: China and CAT – From Implementation Issues to Institutional Analyses 973

pdf file M. Hartwig: Bericht zur völkerrechtlichen Praxis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im Jahr 2013 1019

pdf file Buchbesprechungen
Bode, Maren Katharina: Der IWF im Wandel – Rückkehr zu einem neuen System  (Ludwig Gramlich) 1087
Dhaliwal, Shveta: Human Rights Mechanism in South Asia (Eckart Klein) 1092
Stoffels, Markus D. W.: EU-Mitgliedschaft und Abspaltung (Torsten Stein) 1096
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